Farewell to RadioShack

RadioShack has been in the news occasionally over the past few years for their financial troubles and struggle to stay solvent, and again recently.  Although RadioShack is not completely finished yet, they have filed for bankruptcy and are closing approximately 2500 stores.  I saw this post on Hackaday regarding the latest news, and following the links will include this hilarious satirical write-up of a day in the life of a RadioShack employee.  

As a kid I recall spending hours in the store marveling overall the cool things I could build with the wide selection of various components and tools for the electronics hobbyist and tinkerer.  As of late, I prefer to go to my local Microcenter outlet if I need something in a pinch and can’t wait for delivery of an online order.  Microcenter carries a far better selection of DIY electronics than RadioShack probably ever did.  

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