Arietta G25 Backpack Template

A while back I was given an Arietta G25 by ACME Systems as a gift.  I have been starting to delve into the platform a little and decided to do the inevitable and start creating a backpack expansion board for the platform using KiCAD.  I haven’t yet decided all hardware features to include, but I’m sure it will include at least one, maybe two, USB 2.0 Type A host connectors.  Of course it’s always good to include a variety of MEM’s sensors (IMU’s, Accelerometers, etc).

Regardless of what the final version of my first backpack includes for the Arietta G25, I thought I’d share what I plan to use as a template to start this design, and hopefully others in the future.  If you download and open the template, you’ll see a section of the schematic that contains a map of global net labels for each physical Arietta G25 pin.  This should help make it easier and more straight-forward when you decide to plunk down a I2C device for example.  In this case you can just place the schematic decal and connect the SCL and SDA to the intuitively-named global nets for the Arietta G25.  This is in contrast to having to go back and forth between your schematic and the Arietta G25 pinout documentation here to figure out that PA31 -> SCL0 and that PA30 -> SDA0. 

Read more after the break for pictures and to download the files from our github repository.

The KiCAD template design can be downloaded from my github repository here.  You may also want to download the accompanying KiCAD component libraries used here from my KiCAD libraries github repository here.  

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