New Project Development Using Rocket Scream


I’m excited to announce we have been working on a new project with a planned release in December. While we are not divulging many details yet, you can be sure it will involve wireless communication with broad applicability to IoT and sensors.  Hardware development has progress nicely, and initial software development is underway using the Rocket Scream Mini Ultra Pro dev board.

The Rocket Scream Mini Ultra Pro is a really cool little board with some very nice features!  It boasts an Atmel SAMD21 ARM Cortex-M0, the same processor used on the Arduino Zero platform with the same bootloader familiar to Arduino users.  It also has:

  • RFMxx low power radio transceiver module
  • Serial flash memory chip
  • LiPo battery connector for true remote applications
  • LiPo battery charging circuit

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