Arduino vs. PLC? This hits the nail on the head…

The article written by Doug Reneker referenced at the bottom of this post caught my eye, as this is precisely the application and market gap Casco Logix wants to fulfill.  It’s a great read as Doug details the intricacies of working with the Arduino platform as a low-cost substitute for a higher-priced industrial PLC.  Are PLC’s better suited for industrial applications?  Most certainly.  Does this preclude using an Arduino platform from any and all industrial applications?  Most certainly not. It always depends on the application needs, such as electrical and physical environments, reliability, power needs and the list goes on and on.  These are the questions and challenges faced by engineers every day.

While Doug’s article references an example based on the 8-bit Arduino UNO platform, Casco Logix has developed a product that fits this niche, maintaining compatibility with many of the popular Arduino shields, while offering baked-in long-range wireless and WiFi communication for simple DIY integration of remote monitoring/control for IoT applications.

We hope you stay up-to-date with our progress as we near product launch and continue to develop field application demos, how-to’s and other media.  For now, please check out Doug’s linked article here.


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