NEW: ESPBee XBee WiFi Module!

What happens when you cross WiFi technology with the XBee form factor? You get the ESPBee XBee WiFi Module! And, we’ve just released this new ESPBee XBee WiFi Module for sale!


Simply put, the ESPBee XBee WiFi Module is an ESP8266 WiFi chip packaged into the popular and standard XBee form factor.

XBee Form Factors (XBee and XBee Pro)

There are two variants of the XBee form factor: the standard XBee, and the slightly longer XBee Pro shown in the image to  the right.  The the ESPBee XBee WiFi Module conforms the standard XBee form factor for the most compact size.

Prototyping with and using XBee Modules

Since the the ESPBee XBee WiFi Module is based on the XBee form factor, it has a 1×10 male pin header along each side of the PCB.  This header has pins that are on a 2mm pitch.  Prototyping with the ESPBee XBee WiFi Module and a standard breadboard is possible with a XBee adapter board such as this one by tinkersphere:

Additionally, Adafruit offers a USB XBee Adapter that allows communicating with and configuring your XBee WiFi module directly through a computer’s virtual COM port without the hassle of ratsnesting wires from an FTDI USB Serial Cable to the XBee WiFi module.


Other XBee WiFi Modules

There are other XBee WiFi Modules available on the market, but selection is scarce. Digi International makes very good products at the higher end of the price spectrum.  DFRobot offers the ESP8266 Wifi Bee at the lower end of the price spectrum; however, we have tested this module and found a few shortcomings when implementing it into prototypes. So Casco Logix designed our own ESPBee XBee WiFi Module.

ESPBee XBee Module Design Files

The ESPBee XBee WiFi Module was designed using the open source KiCAD EDA design software. A full 3D model of the ESPBee XBee WiFi Module is also available in STEP file format created using FreeCAD with the KiCAD StepUp macro.  All files are available for download on the github page, or you can create your own fork.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to contact us for any product related questions!

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