What’s New?

What’s new?  Well, kind of a lot, but doesn’t seem like much…  Casco Logix has been working with a local client in Kansas City on a new and exciting venture.  New and exciting, however it took us away from our home-grown product development project we were previously working on, which […]

XBee vs. Click – What’s the diff?

About thirty years ago solid state electronics were still relatively new and circuits were typically built with discrete components and DIP style logic chips. Along those same lines, the selection of electronics prototyping kits and platforms was very limited.  The selection of these kits was mostly limited to the “All-in-one” […]

New Website!

Exciting news!  We’re pleased to announce we have a new website up as of late Tuesday, November 22nd.  With big improvements come a little bit of growing pains, so please bear with us as we work out some of the bad links from porting over the content from the old […]

Interfacing with I2C EEPROM

  A couple weeks ago I was contacted by someone named Stephen for help regarding an Arduino library I wrote for interfacing to an I2C EEPROM chip.  Stephen was having problems with the read method not returning the data he had written using the write method.  Contributing to the unknown, […]

Reliable Firmware Upload with Native USB Port

Recently, I’ve been working more with the Arduino Zero variant of the Arduino ecosystem, and most recently with the RocketScream Mini Ultra Pro. I had previously found that the functionality of the Native USB Serial port was confusing and challenging to work with.  That is, until recently…     As […]

New Project Development Using Rocket Scream

  I’m excited to announce we have been working on a new project with a planned release in December. While we are not divulging many details yet, you can be sure it will involve wireless communication with broad applicability to IoT and sensors.  Hardware development has progress nicely, and initial […]

RedBee by Safecast

It’s been quite a while since my last post, but thankfully it has not been time wasted. We have been working very diligently on various product prototypes. Most recently completed was a quick-turn design job for a client participating in the Safecast project, an international, volunteer-centered organization devoted to open citizen science for […]

HC-SR04 Ping Sensor Hardware Mod

HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor modules, also commonly called ping sensors, are practically a dime a dozen, with many Asia online retailers selling them in the $2 to $3 dollar range each.  While possibly not intended for an end solution or product, these sensors offer a more affordable option for prototyping and […]

Bluegiga Acquired by Silicon Labs

As usual, in the world of ever-changing electronics, it was announced back in February that Silicon Labs acquired Bluegiga.  They are for now still offering the popular BLE-112 and BLE-113 Bluetooth Low Energy radio modules, also used on our CL-BLE112-XBEE module, as well as the scripting tools used to create […]