Electronics Prototyping

Anything and everything related to the electronics prototyping.

Update: Third Rev Prototype

In my last post I discussed some of the minor woes sometimes faced by designers and makers when maturing their prototypes.  As I had mentioned previously, the third rev of our PCB’s were ordered over a week ago from EasyEDA and arrived 8 days later, which is amazingly fast by […]

XBee vs. Click – What’s the diff?

About thirty years ago solid state electronics were still relatively new and circuits were typically built with discrete components and DIP style logic chips. Along those same lines, the selection of electronics prototyping kits and platforms was very limited.  The selection of these kits was mostly limited to the “All-in-one” […]

LCD REsurrection

I found this monocolor dot-matrix LCD laying in the “LCD” parts bin on my electronics bench and it sparked my interest to just do something with it.  What exactly should I do?  I didn’t know yet. I purchased this display for about $10 as I recall, about 2 years ago […]